Rocking! :D
Smile. It's Free. :")))) Love and be Loved. ❤

Smile. It's Free. :")))) Love and be Loved. ❤

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* MilkyChocoBear = Milk + Chocolate + Bear (Stuffed Toys) =))))

i Live to Rock. i Live For GOD! =))) \m/ a proud child of GOD. and a huge fan of Avril Ramona Lavigne. ♥

* i post random stuffs. Ü

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go to bed and listen to Crossfaith \m/

short hair na po ako and may sidebangs na ulit. :) #selfie #newhairstyle #newhaircut (at Fourth Estate Subd.)

eh. can’t go back to sleep. ingay ng mga kapatid ko, ee. pa-selfie :D #selfie #forthenightobebetter

Ruby + french fries

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